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Insta Foods, an ISO 22000:2018 Certified Company, is one of India’s leading manufacturers of Flavors, Spray Dried Ingredients and FMCG products since 1978

We manufacture a wide range of products serving across Multiple Industry Segments.

Industries We Serve !

Beverages Industry

Encapsulated Flavors and Flavor Emulsions add taste and aroma to wide variety of powder beverages, soft drinks, milk shakes, smoothies etc. Specialized Cloudifying Agents for both liquid and powder applications. We also undertake complete manufacture of powder beverages under Private Labels.

Tea and Coffee Industry

100 % Natural Flavors specially developed for Tea Premixes. Non Dairy Creamers that provide cheaper and healthier alternatives to milk powders. Range of Encapsulated Flavors for Iced Tea and Coffee Beverages. We also undertake complete manufacture of tea and coffee premixes under Private Labels

Nutraceuticals Industry

Specialized Bases that impart taste, aroma and sweetness developed specially to mask bitter notes of high protein powders. Fat Powders that add concentrated energy source to nutraceutical formulations. MCT Oil Powders that form the basis for all Keto Products. Creamers that add creaminess and mouthfeel to powder formulations.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Encapsulated Flavors for ORS Powders, Energy Drinks, Dry Syrups, Chewable and Effervescent Tablets. Malt Based Food Granules that form a consumer friendly base to deliver fortification needs. MCT Powders for range of pharma applications.

Snacks and Savory Industry

Cheese Powders that add taste, texture and mouthfeel to snacks and savories like Frozen Foods, Khakhras, Mayonnaise, Sauces, Dips and Dressings. Fat Powders to add mouthfeel to seasonings. Range of Encapsulated Fruit and Spice flavors for seasonings and snacks.

Bakery Industry

Fat Powders for Cake and Ice Cream Premixes, Cookies, Muffins and Biscuits. Cheese Powders for traditional Indian bakery items like Puffs, Samosas and Khari Biscuits. Frappe Mixes and a Range of flavors for Biscuits, Cake Premixes and Ice Cream Premixes.


Technical Excellence

Cross Functional Experience across multiple Food Categories

In depth knowledge of Food Industry

Customized Products and Packaging

Strong R&D Focus

A Little Bit of Our History…

Insta Foods had modest beginnings starting out as a Flavor company called Vin Flavors almost four decades ago. The year was 1978. The premises were small and rented. But our founder Mr. Praful Vin had big dreams. He had just quit his job as Technical Head of Coca Cola India…..

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