Fat Powders

Powdered Fats are spray dried systems that deliver emulsified fat to dry bakery mix products. These powders are a convenient source of fat delivery and add creaminess, opacity and adhesive properties  to the product. They improve ingredient handling, and enhance incorporation and distribution in mixes leading to consistent and high quality finished product.  Fat Powders are used in Biscuits, Cookies, Muffins, Cake Mixes, Ice Cream Mixes.

Cheese Powder

Cheese Powder is a very versatile ingredient used in multiple Indian baked goods like Puffs, Khari Biscuits, Breads, Cheese cake mixes etc. It can be sprinkled onto the surface to get an immediate taste impact with lesser quantity and lesser cost or can be used in the stuffing. Since powdered cheese has no moisture, it can be used in applications where addition of fresh cheese can lead to shelf life issues.

Flavors for Biscuits and Cakes Premixes

We offer a range of liquid flavors for biscuits and encapsulated flavors for bakery products that undergo a very stringent baking process where use of liquid flavors would result in substantial flavor loss. In addition, we also offer encapsulated flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry for Cake Premixes, Ice Premixes etc.

Frappe Mix Powder

In addition to making rich, smooth and creamy beverages, our frappe mix powder can also be incorporated into cake batters, muffins or cookies to infuse a subtle vanilla flavor. The mix can be sprinkled on top of desserts or used as in ingredient in home made ice cream for an extra layer of sweetness.

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