Cheese Powder

Our Cheese Powder is known for its rich natural taste and aroma, easy solubility and dispersibility and extended shelf life. It is 100% natural without any artificial flavors or colors. It is manufactured using the highest grade of Processed Cheddar Cheese that has been specially processed (ripened) as per our specifications. The cheese is melted using our proprietary process and spray dried using our advanced processing techniques that ensures that the taste and flavor profile of the cheese remains intact.

Since our cheese powder is made from pure processed cheddar cheese without any other additives, it gives very similar taste and mouthfeel as pure actual cheese.

Cheese powder is a very versatile ingredients that finds lot of application in convenience foods like savory snacks, extruded snacks, wafers and chips. It is also used as a primary raw material for making cheese seasonings and other culinary seasonings. In the bakery industry it is used in Biscuits, Crackers and Cheese cakes. The cheese powder can be easily reconstituted with hot water to make cheese sauces and is used to formulate dips and mayonnaise.

Product Details :

Packing : 15 kg Aluminum Bags

Shelf Life : 24 Months

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