MCT Powder

What are MCT’s ?

Medium Chain Triglycerides as the name suggests are medium chain fatty acids mainly 8 and 10 Carbon Fatty acids called Caprylic And Capric Acids that are isolated from Palm Kernel and / or Coconut Oils. MCT’s are processed in our bodies in different ways as compared to long chain fatty acids. Due to their short lengths, they get digested without getting stored in the body. Unlike other fats, they go from the gut straight to the liver. From here they are used as a source of energy or turned into ketones. Ketones are substances produced when the liver breaks down a lot of fat and they can be used by the brain for energy instead of glucose or sugar. Thus they can release instant energy when consumed without getting stored as fat in the body.

Insta Foods manufacture two grades of MCT Powders. One is made using Gum Acacia as an encapsulating agent. The other is made using a traditional protein-carbohydrate matrix.

MCT in Gum Acacia (50% MCT)

Our MCT Powder in Gum Acacia contains between 50-55% MCT and balance Gum Acacia. Gum Acacia is a known and proven soluble fiber and gives the end product several advantages like :

  • Clean Label
  • Net Zero Carbs
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Non GMO
  • Perfect for Keto Diets

MCT Powder 50% in Gum Acacia

MCT Powder 70%

We also manufacture MCT using traditional protein-carbohydrate matrix instead of Gum Acacia as encapsulant. The advantages of this system are :

  • Can Deliver more MCTs per gram of powder upto 70%
  • Cleaner in taste
  • Imparts opacity, creaminess, viscosity and mouthfeel to end product.
  • Cheaper on MCT Oil delivered basis as compared to Gum Acacia based variant.

This grade of MCT powder is better suited for the formulation of tea and coffee based beverages.

MCT Powder 70%
MCT Powder 70% in Protein-Carbohydrate Matrix

Uses of MCT Powder

MCT Powder is a very good ingredient for protein drinks and sports drinks because it releases instant energy from fat which is required during workouts and also for boosting endurance during workouts.

The principle of MCT releasing energy without getting deposited as fat in the body is a the basis of Ketogenic diet, which is believed to be an effective way to lose weight. MCT’s are thus a very integral part of Keto Diets. Since Keto diets focus on high fat and very low carbs, our MCT 50% powder in gum acacia is especially suited for keto diets since there is zero carbohydrate in this product.

Since MCT powder is emulsified to become water soluble and also encapsulated, it is easy to incorporate the same in a variety of powder formulations like smoothies, bullet proof coffee, salad dressings etc.

Product Details

Packing :

MCT 50 available in 25 kg HDPE Drums.

MCT 70 available in 15 kg Aluminum Bags

Shelf Life : 18 Months

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