Tea and Coffee Industry

100% Natural Spice Flavors

We manufacture 100% Natural Spice Flavors like Cardamom, Ginger, Chai Masala, Lemon Grass, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Black Pepper etc. These flavors are manufactured by encapsulation of natural spice extracts. Using our natural spice flavors is much superior than using either ground spices or dry mix flavors. Our spice flavors are 100% water soluble therefore do not leave any sediments at bottom of cup or along the side walls. Since they are in free flowing powder form, they will ensure that tea premixes formulated using our flavors remain free flowing and do not lump over a period of time. Most importantly, encapsulation of these spice extracts prevents creates a protective coating layer thus minimizing their interaction with external environment like air. The flavor potency remains stronger over a longer period of time. Sometimes when ground spices are added to premixes, they are very harsh and may damage the more delicate materials like milk powder in the product. Encapsulation prevents their interaction with milk powder and thus extends the shelf life of the tea premixes.

Our 100% Natural spice flavors are used by some of the largest and best known companies manufacturing tea premixes in India.

Non Dairy Creamer or Coffee Creamers

Non Dairy Creamer is a cheaper, healthier and longer shelf life option for using in tea and coffee premix formulations as compared to milk powder or dairy whitener. Insta Foods Non Dairy Creamer also known as Coffee Creamer is made using the highest quality of vegetable fats that offer best taste and mouthfeel characteristics and also offer excellent protection against rancidity or oxidation. It offers a much longer shelf life to tea and coffee premixes as compared to milk powder based ones. Our creamer has zero cholesterol and is lactose free. Thus it is suitable for lactose intolerant people.

Flavors for Iced Teas and Coffee Beverages

We manufacture some of the most popular flavors that are used in Iced Tea Premixes like Lemon, Apple, Litchi and Orange. These encapsulated flavors are water soluble and offer extended shelf life to your Iced Tea Mixes.

We also offer Nature Identical or Artificial options for flavoring Beverages like Vanilla, Hazelnut and Irish Creame.

Private Label Offerings

Interested in Private Labels for Tea and Coffee Premixes ?

We also offer complete manufacturing of tea and coffee premixes under Private Labels. Insta Foods has been manufacturing tea and coffee premixes under private labels since 2010.

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