Microencapsulated Flavors

Insta Foods manufactures a wide range of Microencapsulated Flavors (Spray Dried Flavors) mainly catering to the Beverages, Tea and Coffee, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Snacks and Savory and Bakery industries. Our flavors were earlier manufactured under the banner of our parent company Vin Flavors which later merged with Insta Foods. They are manufactured at our State of the Art plant located just outside Baroda City limits. We are one of the oldest manufacturers of encapsulated flavors in India – since 1991 – and have one of the largest capacities for manufacturing the same in Western India.

Range of Encapsulated Flavors

Orange Lemon PineappleMango
Guava Watermelon Mixed Fruit Apple
Cola Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry
Cookie and CreamRose Cardamom Ginger
Chai MasalaLemon Grass Cinnamon Clove
Black Pepper Cumin Coriander Nutmeg

Packing : 

25 kgs HDPE Drums with Plastic Liners inside.

Smaller packing available on request with additional repacking charges.

What is Microencapsulation ?
Microencapsulation is a process of conversion of a liquid Flavor into a free flowing powder form such that it offers superior stability, an extended shelf life, resistance to degradation and a controlled release of the flavouring agent upon dissolution of the flavor into an aqueous medium. This is much superior to a simple dry mix flavor where a liquid flavor is just coated onto an agent like starch. Microencapsulated flavors are thus more expensive than simple dry mix flavors but are more advantageous over the long term.Our encapsulation is done by using gum acacia or combination of gum acacia and starch using the process of spray drying.

Photograph of a Typical Encapsulated Flavor in a Gum Acacia Matrix

Flavor Bases for Protein Powders

Insta Foods has developed specialized bases for the convenience of the Nutraceutical industry. These bases are specifically formulated to reduce the off notes and bitter notes imparted by protein sources like Whey Protein Concentrate or Soya Protein Isolate in typical protein powder formulations. These bases combine our encapsulated flavors with a combination of artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Ace K and Sucralose. Our expertise of more than twenty years in handling artificially sweetened formulations ensure that you get the sweetest, cleanest tastes at the cheapest cost. Moreover they offer convenience and ease of use to protein powder manufacturers. Our bases impart taste, aroma, sweetness and in some cases color also to your formulations. Just add protein source to our base along with other vitamins and minerals and your protein powder is ready for sale.

Flavors Available : Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookie and Cream, Kesar Elaichi.

Packing : 25 kg HDPE Drums with Plastic Liners inside.

Smaller Packing Available upon request with additional repacking charges.

Flavor Emulsions

Insta Foods started out in 1978 as a flavor company called Vin Flavors primarily to manufacture flavor emulsions for aerated water manufacturers. This is the oldest product in our portfolio. We supply flavor emulsions to limited number of customers

Flavors available : Orange, Lemon, Cola, Jaljeera, Clear Masala, Pineapple, Mango, Ghat Mango, Pink Lemon, Blue Lemon, Clear Lemon, Kalakhatta.

Packing : Bulk Carboys of 30 kg

Liquid Flavors

We currently manufacture a custom range of liquid flavors mainly fruit flavors and milk flavors for the beverage, bakery, confectionery, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Current flavors available are – Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Guava, Watermelon, Litchi, Milk, Cream, Butter, Cheese, Chocolate, Vanilla, Vanilla – Custard. Other flavors can be developed as per customer needs in special cases.

Packing : 30 kg Moser Drums.

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