Coffee Creamers

Our Non-Dairy Creamer Powder also called Coffee Creamer Powder is a free flowing creamish white powder known for its rich and creamy taste, buttery mouthfeel and pleasant aroma. It is manufactured at our state-of-the-art plant by homogenizing and spray drying a slurry containing corn syrup solids, caseinate and vegetable oils. We use the choicest raw materials in our formulations and our advanced processing techniques ensure that the end product has excellent mouthfeel, superior taste without any off tastes or odors. Our fats are carefully selected to ensure not only perfect mouthfeel and melting profiles but also offer extended shelf life to the creamer without developing any oxidative rancidity. They impart whiteness (opacity), viscosity, mouthfeel and creaminess to a range of beverages especially tea and coffee based products. They can be used a complete or partial replacement of Dairy Whiteners in formulations.

Advantages of Non Dairy Creamer over Dairy Whiteners

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Cheaper so bring down formulation costs

Creamers are cheaper than skimmed milk powder or dairy whitener hence used to bring down the cost of formulations. They are also subject to lesser price fluctuations.

Resistant to Feathering

Feathering is the breakdown of milk powders under high temperatures and low pH to create ugly white insoluble particles that float to the top or form a sediment to the bottom. Non Dairy Creamers are much more resistant to feathering compared to dairy options when exposed to high temperature (addition of extremely hot or boiling water) or low pH (when there is high content of tea of coffee in the beverage).

Suitable for Lactose Intolerant and Cholesterol Free

Non Dairy Creamers do not contain lactose and hence suitable to a large section of the population that cannot digest lactose (Lactose intolerant). They can be used to formulate several tea and coffee beverages that serve the needs of lactose intolerant people. Vegetable Oils also have zero or negligible cholesterol. Hence products that are formulated only using creamers can claim to be cholesterol free.

Longer Shelf Life

Our creamers come with a 24 month shelf life as compared with only 9- 12 months for Dairy Whitener. Tea and Coffee Premixes formulated with Dairy Whitener do not have a shelf life of more than 9 – 12 months while those formulated using our creamers will have much longer shelf lives.

In addition to being widely used in Tea and Coffee, our creamers are also used in several nutraceutical preparations like Protein beverages, Chocolate Drinks, Nutraceutical Formulations, Ice Cream Mixes to impart creaminess and mouthfeel to the end beverage.

Product Details :

Fat Content : Standard Version is 30- 33% Fat. We custom manufacture 18% to 40 % Fat depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

Packaging : 20 kg Aluminum Bags.

Shelf Life : 24 Months.

Vegan Creamers

We also manufacture Vegan Non-Dairy Creamer which is completely free of dairy ingredients including Sodium Caseinate.

Flavored Creamers under Private Labels

We also manufacture Flavored Creamers – currently available in French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Irish Creme Flavors.

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