Beverage Industry

Insta Foods manufactures a wide variety of ingredients to serve the needs of the Beverages industry. We have unparalleled experience in the beverage industry since we ourselves are one of the pioneers in the manufacture of Powdered Fruit Based Beverages in India since 1991. These ingredients are manufactured at our State of the Art manufacturing plant in Baroda. Some of our offerings include :

Encapsulated Flavors for Powder Applications

We offer Citrus flavors like Orange, Lemon, Mango, Pineapple, Guava, Watermelon, Litchi, Cola that are typically used in powder fruit juice beverages and powder soft drink concentrates.

We also offer Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Rose and Cardamom flavors that are typically used in Milk Based applications like Milk Shakes and Smoothies.

These flavors are Microencapsulated Flavors made using Spray Drying and offer maximum protection against environmental parameters thus extending the shelf life of the finished products.

Flavor Emulsions for Bottled Waters

We offer Flavor Emulsions for Bottling of Carbonated Soft Drinks and Non Carbonated Still Beverages mainly in Orange, Lemon, Cola, Jeera and Mango flavors. This is one of the oldest products in our portfolio.

Liquid and Powder Cloudifying Agents

We manufacture Neutral Emulsion (also called Mist or Liquid Cloudifying Agent in industry parlance) which is used to impart cloudiness to the soft drink and which offers convenience and flexibility to the soft drink manufacturer in using his own own flavors or top notes to create unique and distinct identity of his final soft drink product. Our powder cloudifying agent is typically used in powder fruit juice beverages where it imparts a thick juicy appearance to final beverage. It is specially designed to withstand very low pH (highly acidic) and cold temperature application requirements and remains in suspension for extended periods of time.

Fruit Juice Powders

We custom manufacture 100% Natural Fruit Juice Powders depending on the specific needs of our customers. Though this product is not offered ex stock but we manufacture from pure fruit juice (depending on seasonality) or from frozen or aseptic fruit juice concentrate. Please contact us for specific requirements.

Private Label Offerings

Interested in Private Labels for Powder Beverages ?

We also offer also complete manufacturing of Powder Fruit Juice Beverages under Private Labels. Insta Foods is a pioneer and leader in India in the manufacturing of Instant Fruit Juice Powder Beverages since 1991.

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