Fat Powders

Insta Foods Fat Powder is a free flowing creamish white (but slightly lumpy) powder that contains up to 70% fat content. We use highly refined, deodorized and very carefully selected grades of fats purchased from very reputed multinationals to manufacture our fat powders. Our careful selection of raw material combined with our advanced processing techniques ensures the smoothest, creamiest and best tasting product which is also very stable against oxidative rancidity.

We manufacture fat powders using variety of fats to suit different applications. These include Palm, Palm Kernel, Coconut, Sunflower and HOSO (High Oleic Sunflower Oil) and Canola with loading rates from 30% to 70%.

Advantages of Using Fat Powders over Pure Fats

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Ease of Use and Handling

Powdered form makes it easy to handle, easy to transport, convenient to store and easy to incorporate into end applications.

Becomes Water Soluble

The process of conversion of fat to powder form involves emulsifying the fat to make it water soluble. This makes it possible for it to be used in different types of finished beverages and nutraceutical applications.

Better Wettability and Dispersability

Water soluble free flowing powder form also ensures better wettability and dispersion ability as compared to pure fat when it is being mixed in making bakery products like bread, cake mixes, ice cream mixes etc. This leads to more uniform dispersion in end product improving consistency and some reduction in usage.

Extended Shelf Life

When the fat is converted to powder, it also gets encapsulated with proteins and carbohydrates which get coated onto the fat. This improves the oxidative stability and extends the shelf life of the fat resulting in much longer shelf life of the end product.

Fat powders are used as a concentrated energy calorie source in nutraceutical formulations like Weight Gainers and Mass Gainers. For example a 70% fat powder delivers approximately 7.6 kCal per gram of powder. They also impart whiteness, creaminess, viscosity and mouthfeel to the beverage.

They are also widely used in Seasonings and Snack Foods for enhancing the mouthfeel of the product. Sometimes they are used a partial replacement of cheese powders in seasonings to reduce the cost of the product.

They are used in Ice Cream Mixes (Frozen Desserts), Bakery (Bread, Cake Mixes) and Dessert Mixes mixes to impart texture, taste and creaminess to the finished product. Addition of fat enhances the perception of flavor and aroma of the end products.

Product Details :

Fat Source : Palm Kernel (Typically). Coconut, Sunflower, HOSO and Canola also offered as per customer requirements.

Fat Content : Upto 70 % depending on the needs of the customer.

Protein Content : From 2 to 9 % depending on the needs of the customer.

Packaging : 15 kg Aluminum Bags.

Shelf Life : 18 Months for Standard Grade of Palm Kernel. Contact Us to know more about other grades.

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