Nutraceutical Industry

Insta Foods manufactures a wide variety of ingredients to serve the needs of the Nutraceutical Industry. Our ingredients are used by some of the topmost E Commerce and Offline Nutraceutical Players in India. These ingredients are manufactured at our state of the plant manufacturing plant in Baroda.

Flavor Bases for Protein Powders

Our Flavor Bases are specially developed for wide range of Protein Powders, Smoothies and Milk Shakes. These bases are custom developed using our own Encapsulated Flavors by combining them with blends of sweeteners developed with our more than 20 years in handling natural and artificial sweeteners. They are optimized to mask bitter notes of Whey and Soy Protein Isolates typically used in these formulations. They offer convenience and easy of use to nutraceutical manufacturers because they impart taste, aroma, color and sweetness to your formulations. Just add protein source and other Bio Actives, Vitamins and Minerals to our base, and your protein powders are ready for sale.

Fat Powders

Our fat powders fix upto 80% Fat in powder form and are used as a concentrated calorie source in nutraceutical formulations like Weight Gainers and Mass Gainers. Our Fat powders are made using the highest quality fats sourced from world leading multinationals and are selected to ensure that they offer the best resistance to oxidation means not turn rancid during the shelf life of end product. In addition, they impart creamy taste, texture and mouthfeel to the product.

MCT Powder

Our MCT Powders are very high in C8 and C10 content form the basis for multiple Nutraceutical products for Keto Diets. MCT Powders are offered in two versions – 50 % in Gum Acacia and 70% in Caseinate-Carbohydrate matrix.


Our coffee creamer powders have about 33% Fat and are designed to provide creaminess and mouthfeel to your formulations. They are a cheaper and healthier replacement to dairy based alternatives.

Spray Dried Caramel Powder

Spray Dried Natural Caramel Color powder (E 150d) add a darker brown shade to your chocolate formulations

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