Custom Ingredients

Spray Dried Caramel

We manufacture Caramel Color Powder by converting Double Strength Caramel Color into free flowing powder form. The product has multiple applications in products that need natural brown color in powder form including Iced Tea mixes, Hot Tea and Cappuccino Mixes, Chocolate mixes, Protein Powders etc.

Packing : 25 kgs Drums.

Shelf Life : 24 Months.

Spray Dried Gum Acacia

Gum Acacia crystals are sourced from the African belt of Sudan and Nigeria. These are imported as light golden crystals of different sizes which are cleaned and sorted into different grades. These crystals are then solubilized by dissolving them in hot water in an overnight process, sterilized, filtered, centrifuged and finally spray dried into a highly pure, 100% Water soluble fine powder. Our Spray Dried Gum Arabic Powder can be used in industry segments like Confectionery, Beverages, Bakery, Flavor, Pharmaceutical and Snacks & Savory.

Gum Acacia also finds extensive use a soluble Dietary Fiber in the Nutrition Industry.

Packing : 20 kg Aluminum Bags

Shelf Life : 24 Months

Sweetener Blends for Soft Drink Concentrates

Combining non nutritive artificial sweeteners is an art and a science. Combining multiple sweeteners unlocks synergistic effects which means that the sweetness of a combination of sweeteners is more than the total sum of individual sweetness of the sweeteners used in the mix. This means combination of sweeteners yields a sweetness profile that is cleaner (less bitterness or aftertaste), sweeter and cheaper than using single sweetener in formulations. Insta Foods has over twenty years experience in developing combinations of artificial sweeteners arising from our extensive experience of formulating wide variety of artificially sweetened Instant Drink Powders. We offer these blends to soft drink manufacturers who would like to offer cheaper and or healthier options of their soft drinks as compared to their sugary versions.

Packing Details : 25 kg HDPE Drums or 1.0 kg Packs

Shelf Life : 18 months.

Liquid and Powder Cloudifying Agents

Liquid Cloudifying Agent is a neutral (tasteless) flavor emulsion that is used to impart visual thickness / opacity /  cloud or milkiness to any beverage. Therefore is also used as a natural white color. Liquid Cloudifying agents are also used as a base by several flavor manufacturers to make their own flavor emulsions by mixing our cloudifying agent with concentrated liquid flavors and color.

We also manufacture the same in powder form that is used to impart visual thickness / opacity / cloud in dry mixes where final beverage needs a thick juice like appearance.

Powder Cloudifying Agents can be manufactured with or without using Titanium Dioxide.

Packing : Liquid in 30 kg Moser Drums and Powder in 25 kg HDPE Drums

Shelf Life : Liquid is 15 months. Powder is 18 months

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