Quality and Food Safety

Quality Policy

We are an ISO 22000:2018 Certified Company !

Quality is Non Negotiable at Insta Foods.

Quality Products are achievable only when Quality Awareness is built into the DNA of each and every employee and management treats quality as non negotiable overruling any commercial considerations in favor of quality assurance.

We believe that we are in a unique industry where ensuring quality is not just about framing Standard Operating Procedures and carrying out analytical testing of raw materials and finished products in laboratories using sophisticated equipment. Whilst these are absolutely necessary and indeed strictly followed at Insta Foods, they are not sufficient.

We deal with a large number of complex natural materials sourced from across the world – which are difficult to quantify. Hence quality control is achieved by maintaining a very strict control and checks at each step of the manufacturing cycle. It starts from a very rigorous selection of raw material sources and vendors. We standardize each and every raw material and packaging material and benchmark our specifications to international standards also making sure that they comply with regulatory standards for domestic market. For all export consignments, we consult with our buyers to ensure that our products comply with the rules and regulations of the importing country. Production processes are carried out in tightly controlled environments with standardized operating procedures with a lot of personal supervision of management. Since organoleptic evaluation play a very crucial role in all our products, we ensure that all products pass through organoleptic evaluation by the top management personally before dispatch.

With our highly technically qualified management, well trained personnel, well equipped laboratories, technical know how and over 40 years experience we ensure 100 % quality. assurance and customer satisfaction.

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